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Use this form to report narcotics activity or drug dealers that you observe in your neighborhood. The information you provide will help the Kennebec Valley Drug Task Force successfully respond to the problem of drug trafficking in your community. Please complete as much of the form as possible. You may submit this form as often as is necessary. Please complete a separate form for each location and/or suspect that you wish to provide information about.

The information you submit will be forwarded to a Kennebec Valley Drug Task Force investigator in your area for further investigation and enforcement. Investigators may contact you for additional information if you wish. If you choose to remain anonymous, however, be assured that the information you provide will be acted upon.

All information will be held in STRICT CONFIDENCE.

Thank you for helping us help you!

Suspect's Name:
Possible Nicknames:
Suspect's Address:
Automobile Used:
License Plate #:
License Plate State:
Location of Drug Activity: Building | Street | Vehicle | Other
Weapons: Handgun | Rifle | Shotgun | Unknown
Are there dogs/pets?: Yes | No
If yes, please describe:
Are there any lookouts?: Yes | No
What type of drugs?:
Where are drugs hidden?:
Who else lives at the residence?:
Time of Drug Activity: to
Days of Drug Activity: to
How do you know this activity is occurring?:
Are you willing to speak with an investigator?: Yes | No
How may we contact you?:
Additional Info or Comments:
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